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Fall 2011

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Fall 2011


Any news on additional seasons of Knots Landing being released on DVD?   Who can we contact to make this request?


Unfortunately I can’t help you with that.  When it happens let me know.


Can you please release"The Dottie West Story" on DVD?


We are doing that.  Keep an eye out


Is it true you had a clause in your Knots Landing contract that you couldn’t become a grandmother on the show?


Yes.  I know it might sound like ego… far from it.  It was a business option to prolong a career.

Question I had the opportunity to be on the soundstages in Culver City during the taping of Knots.  Just curious if Alexandria, your "stand in" is still in the Los Angeles area and how she is doing these days.
I haven’t seen her for a while so I don’t know.  Perhaps you can call a union to find her agent. Answer
Question I’d love to see “Scandalous Me” on DVD.  Will you release it?
We are talking about it.  Hopefully soon. Answer
Question Would you consider doing “Dancing With the Stars”?
No, I have too many injuries.  Skiing and dancing. Answer
Question Robert Morse in on Mad Men now.  How about a reunion on the show?
What a great idea.  I love him and we stay in contact. Answer
Question Are there any Knots Landing projects coming up?  We really miss it. 
I probably miss it more that you.  I would love to do one.  The actors do keep in touch.  I visited Julie Harris and Constance MacCashin in Maine last month. Answer
Question You were great in “Hello Dolly”.  Any chance that you can bring it to television?
I don’t think so.  I hear they are going to do another staged version on Broadway. Answer
Question I believe I saw you on an interview or similar type show years ago where you played the tuba.  True or have I completely lost it?  I am a dedicated adult low brass player.
It was a Marcus Welby, MD.  I played a Tuba player that had some sort of disease.  My “romance” was Barbra Streisand’s husband, James Brolin. Answer
Question How is your son David doing?  Is he still acting?
He is doing great.  He was married three years ago to a wonderful girl and he is not acting. Answer
Question I really don't mean to offend you in any way at all, and this might seem to be a rather strange thing to say, but I just have to let you know that I've seen your belly button, and it's one of the sexiest belly buttons I've ever seen!
I don’t remember showing it but I thank you for that.  I was pretty ……  healthy. Answer
Question Was it difficult filming all the Love Bug scenes in the car?
It was done mostly on a green screen so they would put a scene in behind us.  Also we had many cars we shot in.  they all did different things… one would shake, one would teeter, etc. Answer
Question You and Meg Mullally both played “Rosemary” in “How to Succeed”.  Did you talk about it when you were on “Will and Grace”?
Yes, we both played Rosemary.  I actually met her on her opening night.  I was there.  We also talked about when I did that show. Answer
Question What was your favorite episode of Knots Landing?
Too many to answer.  There were arcs… the twins missing…the loss of Sid Fairgate, Karen’s first husband… the dealth of Laura (constance MacCashin) Answer

You always dress so beautifully and unique.  How would you define your style?

Although I have changed through the years I like simple lines and solid colors. Answer
Question When you’re in New York, what do you miss about Los Angeles?   When you’re in Los Angeles, what do you miss about New York?
I actually LOVE both cities for different reasons (obviously)  my family lives in LA.  Our lives are very close and we live near our friends.  The weather can’t be beat.  New York gives me “the neighborhood”, the theater, and many friends. Answer
Question What does it feel like to walk onto a rebuilt Knots Landing set for a reunion show?
It was extremely emotional.  Going back in time when people say you can’t. Answer
Question The Dottie West album you did was AMAZING.  Any plans on doing another album?
I actually have two albums done years before on Columbia records.  You can look them up on line. Answer
Question From seeing you on talk shows, you are definitely the “wild child” on the Knots Landing cast.   Was showing up to Mac’s office in lingerie a "Michele Lee idea"?
It wasn’t my idea, they just knew my character and I might have that kind of humor. Answer
Question I really miss the prime-time series like Knots Landing, Dallas, etc.  Television has changed for the worse with so much reality television.  Do you predict it will get any better?
I would be a millionaire. Answer
Question You did an episode of “Love American Style” and wore an incredible bikini!  Do you know what season it was and if it’s available on DVD? 
I don’t know.  Sorry. Answer
Question What do you keep in your refrigerator?
Mayonaise.  eggs.  Fruit.  Veggies. 2% fat free milk. left-over pasta.  Pasta sauces. Answer
Question Do you know if any television stations in the US will rerun Knots Landing soon?
No. Answer
Question Any chance your one-woman show will tour again?
Yes, it will.  Don’t have dates yet. Answer
Question What are some of your favorite television shows now?
Mentalist.  anything on HGTV. Answer
Question I believe “Knots Landing” and “The Wizard of Oz” were both filmed on the MGM/Sony lot.   Do you know if it was the same soundstage?   Any history to the Knots Landing soundstage?
We didn’t shoot where they shot Wizard of Oz.  A little history info however.  My father was a make-up artist on the MGM lot and when I started shooting Knots the guard at the gate was the same man I knew years before.  His name was Ken Hollywood, if you can believe that. Answer
Question You were in Dark Victory with Elizabeth Montgomery.  What do you remember about her?
I remember how serious she was on stage when we were shooting.  I remember how “not serious” she was when she was not. Answer
Question I remember seeing an old photo of you with Sharon Tate.  Did you know her, and if so,  what was she like?
If you remember where you saw it let me know.  Yes I was at her baby shower.  We knew a lot of the same girls.  I lived only about a mile down the street when she was murdered. Answer

You’ve had a few recent television reunions with Knots Landing co-stars.  Who are you close with from the show?


I am most close with Joan Van Ark but I still am close to Donna, Kevin, Ted and Constance and Julie Harris.

Question You worked with Neville Brand in Alias Smith and Jones.  What do you remember about him?
How scary he looked and how sweet he was.  Brilliant actor. Answer
Question How long have you been friends with Lucie Arnaz?  You two should do an album or show together – it was fun seeing you with her at Birdland.
Lucie and I have been friends forever.  I knew her mother when I was a young actress because I worked with that generation a lot.  That is when I met Lucie.  We socialize.  We use the same conductor. Answer
Question Do you have a favorite show on Broadway right now?
I just saw Tyne Daley in Master Class.  Amazing. Answer
Question What do you think Karen Mackenzie is doing in 2011?
Playing with the grandkids she never had on Knots Landing. Answer
Question Do you keep in touch with any of your Knots Landing kids?
Claudia Lonow Answer
Question What are some of your favorite hobbies these days?
Interior design.  I am always doing a room… or someone elses.  Gardening design.  Party design. Answer
Question It would be fun to see you on Mad Man with Robert Morse.  Would you consider?
We actually talked about it. Answer
Question Who were some of your castmates in “Vintage ‘60”
Burt Convey who later became a well-known TV host, also actor Jack Albertson  Bonnnie Scott, who was in the original HOW TO SUCCEED.  Many more… but you might not know. Answer
Question I grew up watching “The Love Bug” in Norway. You were the prettiest girl for any 8 year old:)   How did you get the part?
I did the film of HOW TO SUCCEED …  They liked me for The Love Bug. Answer
Question What would make you come back to TV?  We miss you!
I hope I can do something on TV soon.  Thank you sooooo much.  I miss you too. Answer
Question What is your favorite role that you've ever played?
Can’t answer that.  Maybe Gittel Mosca in SEESAW musical on Bway.  You can get the CD. Answer
Question I just found a special you did on ABC for Walt Disney World's Tenth Anniversary with Dean Jones, Michael Keaton, Eileen Brennan, and some other stars. What was it like working with Dean Jones again for this special?
We had a good time reminiscing. Answer